Wish list

  • Enhancing Player Development at Tournaments

The best way to improve play is to be able to watch and study yourself playing during actual games.  Our desire is to be able to install temporary cameras on the courts during the tournaments and to provide DVDs to all participants so they can review their matches later with their coaches, to aid in continued player development.

  • Unwanted and Outgrown Tennis Racquets

We are constantly looking for those unwanted and unused/underused tennis racquets.  We will recycle these racquets by using them for drills with beginners, especially the Jr. sized racquets.

  • Expanding Player Development Through Junior League Play

We are looking to expand our programming to the 10 & under age group.  With the new USTA rules for 10 & under, special nets and balls are required.  The cost to purchase the equipment (net and lines) to create a 10 & under court is $150.00.

Items on our wish list:

  1. Experienced, but playable tennis racquets of all sizes.  Especially Jr. racquets
  2. 10 & under tennis nets
  3. 10 & under court lines
  4. 10 & under or phase 2 tennis balls
  5. 8 & under foam balls