FoCCT Receives USTA Grant for PE Equipment

FoCCT Receives USTA Grant for PE Equipment

CHELTENHAM, PA – The Friends of Cheltenham Community Tennis (FoCCT) have been very busy focusing on our elementary aged students for 2016. We realize the need to get them hooked while they are young!

In order to promote and foster this love of tennis, we have partnered with the USTA’s Grant program. Through this grant, we have been able to support our elementary school Physical Education program by granting all the expenses needed for 10 and Under equipment (150 racquets, nets, balls, etc.).  In addition to the equipment, during the final Teacher inservice day, FoCCT teamed with the USTA to provide PE staff development for each of our 5 Cheltenham district elementary schools.  Each of the PE teachers at the elementary schools has been trained on how to introduce our children to tennis and make it a fun activity for them to learn.

Mr. Kelly Johnson, PE Teacher at Cheltenham Elementary School wrote us to say, “THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the wonderful tennis equipment. We will put it to use ASAP. I’m sure the kids at Cheltenham Elementary school will love it!”

Susan Nathan, PE Teacher at Glenside Elementary School wrote, “Thank you again for working so hard to provide us with the training and equipment.  I am looking forward to adding tennis to my curriculum.”

“We would like to thank Dr. Marseille for his support in our efforts to bring tennis to our school system, the USTA for their generous grant to allow us to fund this effort and to the PE teachers who have embraced our efforts.  We are anxious to see our students develop,” said Lori Siegal, President of Friends of Cheltenham Community Tennis.

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